iPad User Guide


Callus Logic for iPad is the guitar simulator app that allows you to:

To Get Started:

  1. Select Scales, Chords, or Basic Chords from the segmented controller.

  2. selectChordsScalesOrBasicChords

  3. Use the Root and Accidental scrollers to select a root note for the chord or scale.
    For example: For E, select the note "E" and the accidental "Natural".
    **Note: if loading a Basic Chord, the root and accidental scrollers are unavailable, continue to the next step.

  4. selectRoot

  5. Tap on the Scale/Chord selection button to reveal a popover menu of available scales or chords.
    **Note: Arpeggios are selectable from the Scales popover menu (towards the bottom).
    **Note: for basic chords, the root note is listed in the Scale/Chord selection button and popover menu.

  6. selectScale

  7. To switch between note labels, tap on the Display Mode Scroller, and select:
    • Notes
    • Fret Numbers
    • Intervals
    • Chord Fingers
    • Numbers 0-11
    • Numbers 0-39

    **Please Note:

    • "Chord Fingers" is only available when either Chords or Basic Chords are selected.
      • I = Index finger
      • M = Middle finger
      • R = Ring finger
      • P = Pinky finger
      • O = Play the open string

    • "Numbers 0-11" replaces note names with numbers:
      • E = 0
      • F = 1
      • F# = 2
      • G = 3
      • .
      • D# = 11

    • "Numbers 0-39" assigns a number to each distinct pitch on the guitar:
      • The lowest pitched "E" note is 0 (in standard tuning).
      • The E one octave up is 12. For example on the 12th fret of the low E string.
      • The E two octaves up is 24. For example on the open high E string.
      • In standard tuning, the highest pitch on a 15 fret guitar is 39.
      • This number system allows you to quickly find Notes that are the same pitch on different strings.
      • It also makes it easy to calculate the distance (in half steps) between 2 notes on the guitar.

For questions and comments please contact: calluslogic@gmail.com