macOS User Guide

  1. Adjust the fretboard to the desired size by adjusting the 'Zoom Slider'.

  2. zoom

  3. Use the built in fretboard calculator to dial in the musical scale you want to add (Ex: C Natural Phrygian Mode). Then click the 'Add Notes' button. This adds the desired notes to the fretboard as opaque unselected "ghosted" notes.

  4. select scale

  5. Select the notes you want. Either use the 'Select All' button or select notes individually using the mouse. Adjust the 'Note Selection Color as needed. When finished selecting notes, you can remove all unselected notes using the 'Clear Ghost Notes' button. Change the selection color using the color well and choose to diplay either the note name, fret number, interval above the root, or note number.

  6. selection buttons

  7. To view notes not found in the scale you added, select the 'Show Additional Notes' checkbox.

  8. If you need to add notes from another scale, just add them using the fretboard calculator. All selected notes will be preserved.

  9. When finished editing a fretboard, prevent changes by selecting the 'Lock' checkbox in the lower left corner off the app.

  10. Name your fretboard by right clicking on the default "Untitled" label in the Fretboards panel (upper left) and enter any name you wish.

  11. Fretboards List

  12. Add or remove additional fretboards using the '+' and '-' buttons below the Fretboards panel. Note: fretboards must be unlocked in order to be deleted.

  13. Use drag and drop to reorder fretboards in the Fretboards panel.

  14. *Currently only available with a right handed fretboard orientation.

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